This just happened to me on one of my vacant listings and the owner lives in another city.  First, the day started off with a phone call from the buyer’s agent asking if I removed the lockbox on one of my listings that was under contract. The buyer’s agent said she was a couple hours away and asked if I could go to the property to let the home inspector in. Sure, no big deal until I got there and saw that someone had removed my lockbox by tearing the knob off and then they got in the house and changed out the front door lock. A lot of times when we list a new home on the market one of the first things that we always check is Craigslist after it’s been on the market for a couple of days. Most of the time someone has stolen my images of the new listing and will put it on there for rent in hopes someone will mail them a cashier’s check for the deposit. I know it sounds like it comes straight from a Dateline episode and you will be surprised how many vulnerable people will send in the money. My first thought was this has really happened or maybe some squatters have taken over the house. Luckily the deadbolt wasn’t locked and I was able to use a credit card to get in the house. The weird thing is nothing was touched on the inside and that’s what baffles me with this. I called the owner to let him know what had happened and then changed all of the locks in the house.

The good thing about this was that I ALWAYS use a
electronic lockbox which secures the key and I’m not showing that the box has been opened. They may have used a credit card to gain access too I’m not 100% but one thing I can say with 100% confidence is make sure you are checking on those vacant homes from malicious individuals.  Right now there are currently 237 homes in Fayette County that are vacant.